Nexar detects, records and saves to the cloud any incidents that happen around you. For protection, proof and peace of mind, every time you drive.

Being a good driver isn't always enough

Your extra pair of eyes on the road

Nexar’s 1-Click Report™

Even the very best drivers can get into situations outside of their control.

Now you can quickly and easily prove your side of the story with a Nexar collision report.

Listen to pro drivers talk about how our system transformed their drive

Having our system installed can keep premiums low.

NYC rideshare drivers get up to 10% discount on their TLC liability insurance with Nexar.

Protect yourself, your vehicle and your livelihood

Nexar Rideshare Protect

Think of us as your smart partner on the road. We use technology including AI algorithms and internal G-force sensors to alert you to any dodgy driving happening around you. Anything from hard braking and sharp turns to fast acceleration will all be automatically captured by your dash cam. 

Never miss a thing

We automatically save recordings of any dangerous event on the road for free on your personal cloud account. You can access these clips anytime, from any device – no SD card needed.

Access all saved footage

Our network captures footage of the roads in real time, giving city manager and planners up to date information of the state of the city in real time. Get data reports on city traffic flows, road defects, curbside capacity, safety hotspots, and more.

Limitless insights into your city

The claims process streamlined

If you’re an insurer, our collision reporting can make your life simpler. From in-depth collision reports and high-quality footage to video-based telematics and ride-playbacks, we’ll give you all the evidence you need.


Delivering real-time road status

Drivers, traffic apps and infrastructure services can anticipate the road ahead with Nexagons, a new open Internet standard that divides the road into invisible tiles. Data relayed by Nexar network drivers is collected within these IP Addressable tiles, open to the community, delivering real-time information about the state of the road.

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